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“Built For Racers By Racers”

It was December 31st 2016 when my Brother in law showed me a tungsten axle that they use for the HO Slot car Hobby. I told him that I could make them for him After I gave him the finished axles he asked me to design and make other parts and tools, just like that FLR was born. Here at FLR We work hard to make sure our customers get top quality precision parts and tools So racers can have that competitive edge they need to win.

FLR’s motto is “built for racers by racers”. So, We take a lot of pride in our work & We want to make sure that it shows in the quality of our products. Here at FLR Products we take great care in creating quality parts for racers to remain one step ahead of their competition. All of our wheels and tools are CNC Machined, because we want to assure our customers that they are getting an exceptional part at a competitive price. We strive to make better parts and tools, so racers in the USA & around the world have little or no down time on the track. “You can‘t win races if you’re constantly fixing your car”.

We would also like to thank all of our customers for their support & and kind words and remember If you would like custom parts made please contact us and We will do our best to fulfill your request in a timely manner. In closing we we would like to add that FLR is expanding and because of the expansion we are designing,creating, testing & troubleshooting new products and designs to offer the HO Slot Car Community. So be on the lookout for new products the next time you stop by our website.

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